Reward rises to $6K for information about Chinatown carjacking of grandfather, beaten unconscious

Jin Lew has undergone multiple surgeries, remains in coma at hospital, family representative says

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Saturday, May 7, 2022
$6K reward for information in grandpa's South Side carjacking, beating
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A reward for information that could lead to an arrest in the Chinatown carjacking and beating of a grandfather has increased to $6,000.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Representatives with Jin Lew's family said the 61-year-old father who was found badly beaten and robbed is still in a coma at Stroger Hospital and still without justice.

"Mr. Liu is in a coma. His family is praying every day over there. It's a sad, sad sight," said Frank Coconate, a community activist. "I really don't think the public understands what pain people go through every time this happens. It's happening every day in Chicago."

It's been a month since Lew's family said the father was found unconscious by a street sweeper near West 25th Place and South Princeton Avenue.

"Not only does he get carjacked, he gets robbed. He gets beaten into unconsciousness and then he's left on the street," said Cook County Crime Stoppers Chairman George McDade.

Cook County Crimestoppers joined community activists and Lew's family friends on Saturday by adding $1,000 to the reward money, bringing the total to $6,000 for any information that could lead to an arrest in Lew's case.

"It shows that the community is involved in this and wants to get this case south and whoever did this held accountable," McDade said.

The group handed out flyers in Chinatown, no longer asking, but begging for the public's help.

"We can't continue to let crimes like this go unsolved in the city and to a man who is a pillar of the community to not have his fair justice done," McDade said.

A representative for the Lew family said the well-respected Chinatown community member has since undergone multiple surgeries and is still at Stroger's Intensive Care Unit.

"He remains in a coma as of last time I visited due to this horrific crime," said Dr. Kim Tee, a Lew family representative.

Cook County Crimestoppers said if you have any information, you can remain anonymous. Crimestoppers reminded the public that there is no tip too small and in this case, could mean justice for the Lew family.