Windy City Weekend: Ryan tries out self-driving cars and Nick Roy shares magic trick with Val

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Friday, June 2, 2023
Windy City Weekend: Host Chat
Belle of the Ball recipient Miracle Scott Hale went off to her prom and had a fantastic time!

CHICAGO (WLS) -- This week on Windy City Weekend, Val was a proud mama as her 15-year-old son, Max who's just in his freshman year, is already going with the Whitney Young High School track and field team to the state championships!

Plus, Belle of the Ball recipient Miracle Scott Hale went off to her prom and had a fantastic time! Belle of the Ball, started by community activist Erica Watson, helped Hale prepare for her big day by providing her dress, makeup, hair and transportation.

And Ryan got a taste of the future when he took a ride inside a fully self-driving car (yes, he was the only one in it!).

But, if that isn't enough "magic" for you, magician Nick Roy is here to share a quick trick with Val and Ryan!

You can catch more of Nick Roy on Friday at Lyric Theater. You can purchase your tickets here.

South Side couple carrying love to new heights

A South Side Chicago couple are carrying their love to new heights as they work on their relationship.

It's a modern day love story of a woman meeting a man online.

And this South Side couple are carrying their love to new heights as they work on their relationship.

This is because one is in a wheelchair and other physically carries him around when needed.

"When I first got with Van, I was so weak, I couldn't do anything" Brittny Smith said. "I could even pop the wheelie in his chair for him. But he was like, No, I'm gonna get you in the gym and get you real strong."

"She really uses her legs when she actually pulls me upstairs.... No male, no help," VanRohn said.

Through sickness and in health are vows people recite in marriage, but this South Side couple has been practicing this commitment since love at first follow.

"It was the top of the year, January 2022," Brittny said. "I was procrastinating about working out. So I was sitting on this couch and I was like, I feel like working out so I started scrolling on Instagram, and randomly saw a guy in a wheelchair working out.

"I was like, You know what, if he could work out, I'm gonna take my butt to the gym and so I double tapped the picture, didn't think anything of it ....Went to work out, came back home after a couple hours hopped back on Instagram. And I had a whole bunch of likes, and a follow up from him."

After connecting on Instagram, the two face-timed, sealing the deal.

"I'm like, 'Oh wow, pretty face. She's not a catfish.' From that conversation, we spoke for like five hours. The first conversation ever, I knew she was my person," VanRohn said.

"As he's talking, I'm thinking about the list I was making in my phone in 2017," Britt said.

For the last five years, Brittny has made a list every January detailing her ideal partner

"So my list was like number one, he has to be in love with God," Brittny said. "Number two, he has to have children already. I already had a daughter. I didn't know if I wanted to have more kids after my experience. And he had to have girls because I didn't want boys around my baby. And he couldn't have more than two kids. He had to have a beard. He had to have nice waves. He had to have a full lining, he had to be like 6 foot..... I just never said he had to be six foot sitting down

VanRohn has been a paraplegic for five years.

"I was shot by my cousin, a debate, an argument and it left me paralyzed," he said. "I got shot one time in the back. So I'm paralyzed my chest down. I'm a T3 paraplegic."

When asked if the situation has changed his life for the better in some ways, VanRohn said, "I'm gonna say if I had an opportunity to undo it or go through it, I wouldn't change it. This made me who I am today. I love my chair, my chair is my throne.....Everything that happens in life is a blessing. Good or bad."

Despite being in a relationship with someone she has to carry, Brittney said it is the lightest relationship she has ever been in.

"My grandmother used to tell us all the time, never be with someone who doesn't make your life easy," she said. "And I was just too young to really understand what she was saying. But being with Van, just felt like that's what she was talking about.

"Van has taught me like patience. I thought I was a patient person before but watching him go through this situation and his circumstances. I'm just like, listen, always be grateful. Always be thankful.

"I would probably tell people just to be open. The package may not come in the wrapping that you may have wanted. But when you really are one with yourself, when you really love yourself, love just really kind of comes to you."

Spend or save?

Here's what you should spend your money on this weekend.

"Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" - SPEND

In the biggest release of the week, Miles Morales gets his long-awaited animated sequel in "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse."

"The Boogeyman" - SPEND

"The Boogeyman" is a new thriller about two sisters who are dealing with the recent death of their mother, and are visited by an entity that feeds on people's suffering.

"Sanctuary" - SAVE

In the new dark comedy "Sanctuary", a dominatrix plays a game of power and control with a wealthy client.

"Shooting Stars" - SPEND

"Shooting Stars" is a basketball drama about a young LeBron James, his family, teammates and coach.

Red Clay Dance

Red Clay Dance Company amplifies the voices of the African Diaspora.

Red Clay Dance Company amplifies the voices of the African Diaspora through the teaching and performing of African inspired dances.

This summer, they are unveiling their newest project, "Rest. Rise. Move. Nourish. Heal."

Red Clay Founder Vershawn Sanders-Ward views this work as "a practice, a process, and uncovering of the beautiful labor of bringing us all home to land, reclaiming ancestral cultural traditions, technologies, and tools that can lead to individual and collective healing."

They invite you to witness this moving performance this summer!

The performance will be June 8-10 at Art on the Farm in Grant Park.

You can purchase tickets here.

Fireworks at Navy Pier this summer

Looking for an exciting summer activity that the whole family can enjoy? Look no further than Navy Pier's spectacular fireworks display!

Voted Best Fireworks in the Nation by readers of USA Today, Navy Pier offers a dazzling spectacle that will light up the Chicago skyline.

The fireworks continue throughout the summer, starting at 9 p.m. on Wednesdays and 10 p.m. on Saturdays!

Whether you're watching from the pier, the lakefront, or a boat on the water, the fireworks display is sure to leave you awestruck.

For your convenience, parking is available at Navy Pier's on-site garages.

For more information and to stay up-to-date on the fireworks schedule, visit Navy Pier's website at

Don't miss out on an unforgettable summer tradition at Navy Pier's fireworks display. See you there!