East Garfield Park shooting that killed 1, injured 14 others still unsolved after over 2 weeks

14 in total were shot, 1 person was hit by a car, CPD said

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Thursday, November 17, 2022
No arrests in Halloween night mass shooting in East Garfield Park
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It's been more than two weeks since 14 people were shot, 1 fatally, in a drive-by mass shooting in East Garfield Park and still no arrests have been made.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The shooters who killed one person and injured 13 more in a drive-by in East Garfield Park on Halloween night have still not been caught, and the community is demanding more attention from the city.

A crowd had gathered on the corner of California and Polk for a vigil to remember a loved one who had died of natural causes when a gunman opened fired from a vehicle. Fourteen people were struck and 48-year-old Pierre Riley died of his injuries days later.

The shooting happened more than two weeks ago, but there is still no one in custody.

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Conttina Phillips was shot in the leg and released from the hospital Tuesday. Her sister Cherice Patterson still has a bullet lodged in her leg.

"I mean, I'm not sleeping well. Going through a lot of stuff right now," Patterson said.

Many in the community gathered Wednesday morning to demand more attention to the case from the city. Police Superintendent David Brown promised after the shooting to track down the gunmen, but some community leadders said they are still waiting.

"The families are still in despair. The families are still hurting. Many have not returned to work," said Pastor Cornelius Parks, activist.

They said they want the city to respond to their neighborhood the same way many offered help after the mass shooting in Highland Park on July 4.

Many of the East Garfield Park victims were from the same family and they said they have no idea why these gunmen targeted their group.

"Get these monsters off the street. They need to be held accountable for what they did to my family and friends," said Patterson.

Police said their investigation is ongoing but they have no new updates on the case. They are hoping for tips from witnesses.

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