Localish Legends Visits Coney Island In Search of Summer Legends

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Saturday, June 19, 2021
Localish Legends Goes in Search of Summer Legends
What's your most legendary summer story? Join us as we're on the hunt for the most legendary local legends in Coney Island, New York!

NEW YORK -- What's your favorite thing about summer? Whether it's taking the perfect vacation, heading to the beach, visiting a carnival, riding a roller coaster, or just chowing down at a BBQ, everyone has something they love about summer.

But what about the people who truly make summer legendary? We've found a few you may recognize!

On this week's episode of Localish Legends, meet a skee-baller in Brooklyn going for gold, fair folks in Fresno with a passion for spreading cheer, a beach club in Houston bringing summer fun to disabled pups, a ringmaster in L.A. with incredible skills, and even a real-life mermaid named Cookie!

Who do you think should win the title of summer's ultimate Localish Legend?

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