Meet the Legendary 'Phantom' Who Has Played MSG More Times than Billy Joel

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Meet the Legendary 'Phantom' Of MSG
Madison Square Garden's most legendary performer is not who you think!

NEW YORK -- Who do you think has played more sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden than any other person?

Most would guess Billy Joel, or perhaps Bruce Springsteen. Both are good guesses, but both are wrong and the true answer may surprise you.

Meet Ray Castoldi, Madison Square Gardens official organist who has been playing sold-out shows and sporting events at NYCs most legendary events venue since 1989. Known as the 'Phantom of the Garden, he sits high above the crowd and behind the scenes, but he doesn't mind.

To him, the energy of the crowd in the stands and the passion for what he does is all he needs.

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