Health, fitness expert Stephanie Mansour shares tips on how to feel your best after Daylight Savings

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Monday, November 2, 2020
Adjusting to time change and losing weight in November
Health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour offers tips on how to deal with the time change.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- After shifting the clocks back one hour, this first week of November can be a week of low energy.

Health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour discussed the impact that just a one hour time can have on our body's rhythm.

Even though many people have experienced weight gain with gyms being closed and more opportunities for potential stress-snacking, weight loss is still possible leading up to the holidays.

It's possible to lose one to two pounds a week by making a few healthy changes in fitness and diet, Mansour said.

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Mansour recommended incorporating workouts into your daily routine- and it can be simple!

Don't forget to set a date to recalibrate as well, Mansour said.

More tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle are available on Mansour's website.