Midwest Democratic Party leaders meet in Chicago to discuss election strategy, DNC preparations

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Thursday, April 18, 2024
Democratic leaders meet in Chicago to discuss election strategy, DNC
Ahead of the Chicago DNC 2024, Democratic Party leaders from Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois met Thursday to discuss election strategy.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Democratic leaders from several Midwest battleground states talked election strategy Thursday as they prepare for the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Hundreds of convention delegates are in Chicago this week planning ahead for the convention, but more importantly for the November election. That requires building and sharing the strategy needed to make both successful, and yhey stressed the need for building unity.

Democratic party leaders have protecting the so-called "blue wall" as a top priority for this election. Leaders from Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois joined together Thursday. so they can organize and strategize for the DNC, which is just four months away.

"We're talking about the issues," Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Chair Ken Martin said. "But most importantly, what we're exchanging is the tactics, how we get that message out to people, how we meet voters where they're at (11) 28

Party leaders are working with the Secret Service to make sure possible protests are managed in a way that keeps delegates safe and keeps disruptions to a minimum.

"We're very sensitive to the environment that we're walking in here in Chicago, and we have read the stories," Democratic National Convention Chairwoman Minyon Moore said. "We're trying to create an environment where everyone is welcome, and we do protect first amendment rights."

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Party leaders are also well aware of the potential for a dramatic increase in the number of migrants being bussed to Chicago from the southern border in advance of the convention to embarrass the President and the city.

"I think that there is a level of knowing that we have to work together and do all that we can to manage it," Illinois Democratic Party Chair Lisa Hernandez said.

After large numbers of uncommitted protest votes in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, stemming from President Biden's response to the Israel-Hamas war, party leaders said they're working hard to court disenchanted Democrats.

"Making sure that we're having conversations with these folks, explaining to them helping them understand and remember who Donald Trump is, and the reality of what would happen if Donald Trump got elected, versus what will happen when we be like Biden and Harris," Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes said.

With Wisconsin and Michigan among the key battle ground states, the Democratic Party is making it clear that the Midwest will be critical in the November election. That is one reason Chicago made very good strategic sense as the city to host the Democratic National Convention.

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