3-D printing exhibit sparks creativity at Museum of Science and Industry

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Creativity and design shine bright at the Museum of Science and Industry's "Make Shop," a temporary exhibit teaching visitors to 3-D print, use vinyl cutters, and build a simple circuit.

"This is a great way to show that this technology is accessible, that it's fun, that you could actually take one of these home and work on it and play with it," said museum Director of Science and Integrative Strategies Manny Juarez.

Guests begin at tablet devices, signing their names or favorite logos. They then transfer those drawings to 3-D printers which begin to whiz back and forth, making those designs reality.

Next, you'll pick out a famous museum decal-like the U-Boat or Apollo capsule-to cut on vinyl. Finally, visitors will illuminate the creation with a color-changing led. All hands-on experiences kids will love.

"It's just magical," remarked Emily Burke of her young son Matt's experience.

"We're creating makers that didn't think they could be makers," added Juarez.

The best part of this experience is that you get to bring it all home with you. The 3-D print, one of those iconic stickers and a bright LED all come together to for your own Make Shop badge. You can experience this interactive exhibit and the entire Spring Make Festival through Sunday at the Museum of Science and Industry.
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