FranklyHANK: Where are they now? 1970s Edition

CHICAGO -- A look at where stars from the 1970's are doing now.


In the 1970's, "M*A*S*H" was one of the hottest shows on television and the hot lady on that show was actress Loretta Swit who played Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlian. She appears in all 251 episodes. Following the huge success of "M*A*S*H," Swit went on to other acting roles including the pilot for TV's "Cagney & Lacy." She played Cagney, but a contractual obligation kept her from going to series. Today, Swit is 79-years-old and busy painting. She released a new book in January 2017 called "Switheart" that depicts her water color painting of animals and all proceeds benefit animal charities, a cause that's always been near to Swit's heart.

One of the first African-American shows on television was "Sanford & Son," and playing the role of Lamont, the son, was Demond Wilson. The show starred the comedic genius of Redd Foxx and lasted for five years on NBC before Foxx walked away. However, it would go down as one of the best and most original comedies on television. Today, Demond Wilson is a minister and writes children's books. In a behind-the-scenes tell-all called "Second Banana," Wilson wrote of rampant drug-use on the set during the show's run, even going as far as saying the main pusher of those drugs was none other than actress Lawanda Page, who played Aunt Esther.

The other big African-American comedy series of the 1970's was "Good Times," about the Evans family struggling to live in the projects of Chicago. Whiles John Amos and Esther Roll were the stars, one stand-out on the show was Ja'Net Du Bois who played nosy neighbor Wilona. Du Bois was not only an actress, she was also a singer and a song-writer. Her most famous song is probably theme song to "The Jeffersons" which she also sings. Today, Du Bois continues to act heavily in TV and film and at 71-years-old looks better than ever.

Her name isn't well-known, but her character is. She played Stephanie, John Travolta's love-interest in the hit 1977 film, "Saturday Night Fever." Karen Lynn Gorney went toe-to-toe with Travolta in the film, but after she focused more on stage than TV and film. At the age of 72 she is still acting and relishing the once in a lifetime role to dance with John Travolta in one of cinema's biggest films.

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