Pillow Talk: An unhealthy relationship

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Hannah from Wheaton wrote a letter for WCL's "Pillow Talk." (WLS)

Hannah from Wheaton wrote: "My sister recently started dating a good friend of mine... It seems to be the healthiest relationship she's ever had, except not physically healthy. She's heavier and it affects her medically, socially and even financially. We (her family) have been trying to encourage better eating and fitness, but she doesn't seem receptive. Her new boyfriend has told her he's into bigger girls and seems to want to add to her weight (like gifting her junk food). Will he still date her if she lost weight? She may be too insecure to test that... I can't just stand by. How can I help my sister see this may be hurting her?"

Val, Ryan and comedian Kelsie Huff shared their advice.

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