Ji, What a Find: Gooey sandwiches at Vidalia and Hopleaf

Ji found two sandwiches that are so gooey they will make your mouth water. The first is a Banana, Nutella and Mascarpone sandwich from Vidalia in Ravenswood. Vidalia is owned by the same group that runs Dante's Pizzeria. The second restaurant is a bar in Andersonville called Hopleaf that serves a PB & J, grilled cheese combo that they call a "CB & J". The sandwich consists of cashew butter, fig jam and cheese on grilled sourdough bread, served with a side of Mac and Cheese. The bar has been run by Michael Roper for twenty five years and also features a large beer selection.

For more information on Vidalia, visit: https://www.vidaliachicago.com/

For more information on Hopleaf, visit: http://www.hopleafbar.com/