How to prevent hackers from stealing your personal information

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Monday, October 14, 2019
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The National Cyber Security Alliance recommends that you limit what information you post on social media to prevent cyber-criminals from stealing your identity or breaking into you

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Did you know that hackers are looking at your social media profiles to try to do what's known as social engineering?

A reminder for National Cyber Security Awareness Month from the National Cyber Security Alliance: Limit what information you post on social media.

Try to be mindful before posting small details, such as personal addresses, your full birth date or even the names of your grandmother or dog. These are all things that can be used against you if a cyber-criminal wants to start building a profile on you as a way to steal your identity or break into your personal accounts.

The National Cyber Security Alliance also recommends disabling location services that allow anyone to see where you are at any given time.