Harvard-educated lawyer builds healthy waffle brand from scratch

Healthy food swaps: Emily Groden wanted frozen waffles for her daughter, but with quality, nutrition and taste

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Harvard-educated lawyer builds healthy waffle brand from scratch
Emily Groden, Harvard-educated lawyer, went from fine dining to frozen waffles, in pursuit of her entrepreneurial dreams.

From fine dining to the frozen food aisle, a Harvard-educated lawyer built her brand from scratch.

Evergreen makes frozen nutritional waffles, and is pretty new the market.

Emily Groden, founder and CEO of Evergreen, joined ABC 7 Chicago Wednesday to talk about her product during the Week of Women.

Groden left the world-renowned Alinea Group to launch a "better-for-you" waffle brand.

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As a working mom, she wanted to give her young daughter frozen waffles for the convenience factor, but wasn't willing to sacrifice quality, nutrition or taste.

To pursue her entrepreneurial dream, Groden worked three days a week as a lawyer and spent the rest of her time building the Evergreen business from scratch, from finding a co-packer to selling her waffles into retailers.

Visit eatevergreen.com for more information.