Holiday decor trend: Casual luxury

CHICAGO -- Kehoe Designs is one of the top design companies in Chicago.

Megan Riesenberg, an event producer for Kehoe, joined Windy City LIVE to talk about a hot holiday decorating trend for 2017.

The design company decked out the set with a Casual Luxury look, which mixes modern, rustic and metallic details to create a glamorous effect.

Riesenberg also shared some tips on how achieve a great holiday look in your home:

-Be bold. Go out of your comfort zone. Take unexpected color combos and textures to elevate the set design in your home.

-Fusing masculine elements into the traditional holiday can create an unexpected look.

-Some of the most critical elements of the overall design can be the finishing touches and subtle details that nestle within.

-Finishing touches are not afterthoughts; they need to be thoughtfully planned.

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