Illinois tax amendment fact check sheds light on proposal, BGA says

Illinois Policy Institute filed lawsuit regarding informational flyer
The Better Government Association published a fact check to point out a claim regarding the proposed graduated tax amendment on the Nov. 3 ballot and a legal challenge to the amendment's language.

David Greising with the BGA joined ABC 7 Chicago Saturday morning to talk about it.

The claim that a so-called "fair tax" would lead to a first-ever tax on retirement income in Illinois has become a focus of the Illinois Policy Institute's lawsuit and has seen pushback from retirees. The lawsuit is seeking a court order to correct the wording of a flyer sent to voters by the state explaining the amendment.

Gov. JB Pritzker has spent over $50 million of his personal money in a campaign to promote the amendment, while billionaire CEO Ken Griffin has spent over $45 million to stop the amendment.

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