Traffic Troubleshooter: how to safely dispose old I-PASS transponders with lithium batteries?

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Thursday, March 7, 2024
How to dispose of old I-PASS transponders with lithium batteries?
ABC7 Roz Varon has the answer in this week's Traffic Troubleshooter.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Illinois Tollways are switching to I-PASS Sticker Tags and slowly getting away from plastic transponders.

When you get you get the new sticker, what do you do with old transponders that have lithium batteries?

First, it's important to know why lithium batteries can't be thrown out with your everyday trash.

If lithium batteries get damaged, they could explode or cause a fire, according to OSHA.

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The good news is Tollway Customer Service Centers accept the plastic transponders, and they will properly dispose of the batteries, according to the toll authority.

Recycling centers are also a good option, to find a location near you click here, and type "lithium batteries" in the search bar with your zip code.

Existing transponders will continue to work, customers are not be required to switch to stickers, according to the Illinois Tollway website.