'Cheer' star Jerry Harris to remain behind bars on child pornography charges until trial, judge rules

"He presents a danger to the community."

ByMark Rivera and ABC7 Chicago Digital Team WLS logo
Friday, October 16, 2020
Netflix 'Cheer' star to remain behind bars until trial, judge rules
A federal judge has ruled that Netflix "Cheer" star Jerry Harris will remain behind bars until his trial.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Netflix's "Cheer" reality TV star Jerry Harris will remain behind bars until his trial.

Federal Judge Heather McShain decided the ruling Friday saying, "He presents a danger to the community."

McShain declined to release Harris on home detention despite several "Cheer" moms offering to supervise him and keep him from accessing the internet.

"I find the defendant's past conduct does suggest the likelihood of future misconduct," McShain said.

Harris sat alongside his attorneys and did not speak Wednesday during his federal detention hearing.

Prosecutors argued Harris is a threat if he's released.

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Not only does the prosecution allege Harris sexually assaulted a 15-year-old boy at a cheer event in a public bathroom. They say he admitted violating children to the FBI.

Prosecutors say at least 10 children were harmed.

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The feds say Harris allegedly assaulted, harassed, and groomed boys in his cheerleading circle, asking them to provide sexually explicit pictures, and even paying one boy to produce child pornography. Prosecutors say Harris allegedly continued sexual misconduct after learning about the FBI investigation.

The mother of two of the alleged victims was present for the hearing by phone. She implored the judge to keep Harris in custody saying, "For nearly two years my sons have suffered more than I could ever really describe to this court...I'm in awe of the courage they exhibited speaking out."

"Mr. Harris should not be residing in a home and sleeping in a comfortable bed...where my children and his other victims are paying a very high price for telling the truth," she continued.

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Four women who knew Harris through cheerleading circles were also present for the hearing. They testified they would take Harris in if he was released and report to the court if he violated bond protocols.

Harris's defense attorneys argued Harris may not have the mental capacity of an adult and that he comes from a very difficult home life. They said he is not a threat, and if released, would not have access to a cell phone or internet.

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Harris is facing a mandatory minimum 15 year sentence if convicted.