Chicago Park District holds 1st in series of summer job fairs for teens

Next Teen Opportunity Fair scheduled for March 23

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Sunday, March 10, 2024
Chicago Park district holds 1st teen summer job fair of year
The Chicago Park District is looking ahead to summer with it's first in a series of Teen Opportunity Fairs.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Truman College bustles with energy as eager teenagers look for a first job with summer quickly approaching.

"It's very exciting, I didn't think there would be this much opportunity," said high school sophomore Josiah Viruet.

The Chicago Park District hosted its first of three teen opportunity fairs Saturday. From recreational leaders to lifeguards, more than 2,500 jobs are available this year, park district officials said.

"The park district really is about building a life and building community," said Rosa Escareno, Chicago Park District superintendent.

Escareno said the district is always looking to start the job recruitment process early. She said they started looking for this summer's lifeguards last fall.

"Being a young person, who wants to be stuck indoors? Come be at the parks, learn a job and then be really involved in community," said Escareno.

"Not only am I going to learn to work but I'm also going to be able to get responsibility to be on my own and do things," said Viruet.

Viruet, who said he's ready to work, visited the fair with his aunt and guardian Elva Martinez.

"I want them to also experience how to work, how to make money and how to save money because that's something I wasn't taught," said Martinez.

The next two job fairs are scheduled for March 23, at Kennedy King College and April 6 at Malcom X College.

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