Boy, 12, with autism last seen on video leaving Hammond hotel; search moves to nearby neighborhoods

ByAlexis McAdams WLS logo
Friday, May 21, 2021
Search continues for boy, 12, with autism missing from Hammond hotel
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The search for a missing 12-year-old boy with autism in Hammond, Indiana moves to nearby neighborhoods.

HAMMOND, Ind. (WLS) -- Nearly one week into the search for Kyrin Carter, a missing 12-year old boy with autism in Hammond, Ind., family members are calling for a new game plan.

"We've been through all the woods. We've been through the water. They sent out the helicopters, the drones, the training dogs that are on land as well as those that go into the water. We ourselves got into boats and canoes and hit the water and night time," said Tia, a family member. "Nothing, so we are taking it to the streets, trying to get his face and name out there."

Search parties combed for signs of the boy and focused on the neighborhoods nearby. More than 20 agencies are part of the search.

"Kyrin Carter, we just want to bring him home, get him to his family safe," Tia said.

Residents from all over are coming to help as well, and the crowd of volunteers continues to grow.

"I have kids, you know. I also have a cousin who has special needs, so God just put it on my heart to just get up and just come out here and just do whatever I can to try to help the mom," said Bessie Cofield, volunteer.

Kyrin was last seen Saturday afternoon when he left a hotel room at the Best Western in the 3800-block of 179th Street, where he was staying with his family. They were here for a weekend visit from Kansas City.

A camera in the back of the hotel captured an image of Carter as he left.

The new plan includes putting out some of Carter's favorite things in the area, hoping he comes by.

"There is music that he likes. His mom, she provided us with a playlist last night. We can play that playlist hopefully today and, you know, hopefully, draw him out," Tia said.

It appears Kyrin, who is nonverbal but highly functional, was wearing blue shorts with possibly blue or white stripes, a blue t-shirt, but was not wearing socks or shoes, police said.

Dogs apparently picked up a scent near the river behind the hotel, and search crews have concentrated their efforts here.

The case has attracted numerous volunteers anxious to help.

"I think by now he's hungry, tired and looking for a familiar face to connect with," said volunteer Kimberly Sorrell.

"I have a special needs brother and this touched my heart. We need to bring him back to his family," said volunteer Mike Jankovich.

Family members said they are grateful for the help. Many are too emotional to talk about it at this point, they are just hoping to find Kyrin.

"If' ya'll seen my nephew. Bring my nephew home," said his Aunt, Keisha.

Search crews have been looking underwater, by boat, on land.

Over the weekend a chopper flew overhead and Tuesday afternoon a drone flew over the area.

"It's a sad story. Hopefully, we get a happy ending out of it," said Jankovich.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911.