Protect your pets: Experts recommend microchipping with dog thefts up 40%

French bulldogs are the number 1 breed targeted by thieves.

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Sunday, September 25, 2022
How to protect your pets amid increase in dog thefts
Experts recommended pet owners get a microchip as Labrador retriever, French bulldog and Yorkie puppies continue to be targeted by thieves.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Dog owners are being warned about an increase in the number of stolen pets.

Dog thefts are up 40% from last year. From coast to coast, French bulldogs are the number one breed targeted by thieves. That's followed by Labrador retrievers and Yorkshire terriers.

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"We believe most pets are stolen either for the thief's own family or to be resold," Said AKC Reunite President and CEO Tom Sharp. "Ninety-five percent of all animals are going to be returned through other people's eyes and ears. So witness development, community awareness. You can't start that soon enough."

Some of those puppies can sell for as much as $100,000.

Experts recommend having your pet microchipped and never leaving them outside unmonitored.