Mother's Day flower shortage blamed on COVID-19 pandemic

Get Mother's Day orders in as soon as possible, florists urge
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Mom may be expecting a bouquet this Mother's Day, but there are flower shortages this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Get your order in as soon as possible," said Beth Barnett, owner, Larkspur. "Don't wait until Saturday or Sunday to go to your local florist."

After 27 years in business, Barnett knew this year it would be tricky getting the flowers for her Mother's Day delivery arrangements while the pandemic has led to delays and shortages.

"It's really whatever your florist has ordered in advance," Barnett said. "And when they run out, they run out."

The challenges in the flower industry are global transportation issues exaggerated during the pandemic - and the growers still in business that planted conservatively.

"It's frustrating when you have a stock shortage and you can't get what you want for perhaps a bride or a special order," said Red Kennicott, the great grandson of one of the founding brothers of Kennicott Brothers. He is now the chairman of the employee-owned flower wholesale business.

Kennicott said he ordered more in anticipation of this weekend.

"People learned during COVID that flowers are such a wonderful way to touch people's hearts and reach people that you can't see face-to-face," he said. "And the demand for flowers is just much greater this year,:

Ananda Breslof of Flowerlife urged customers to be flexible and trust their florists.

"If I can't get something or it doesn't look as fresh, my clients give me the artistic license to get what I think looks best," she said.

So if you expect to give flowers this Mother's Day, order soon! Otherwise, be prepared to have a plan B for Mom.
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