Kids fly down Lisle sledding hill

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Flying down one snowy Lisle hill is a blizzardy blur. (WLS)

Flying down one snowy Lisle hill is a blizzardy blur.

Dozens of children and their parents found out first hand, spending the day off from school sledding behind Lisle Senior High School.

"The snow gets in your face, and you can't see anything," described 8-year-old Kennedy Bertsch after a saucer run; she was spinning all the way down the hill.

"It's really fast," she added.

Sledding on this trail is so much fun that one ride isn't good enough. But for every ride down, there's a hike back up.

Dragging her sled behind, Bertsch breathed heavily as she climbed. With snow continuing to fall, she reached the summit and exclaimed "finally."

Some sledders ran up the hill, others crawled. One duo dragged up a sled together. Inevitably, someone in a group would slip along the way. But every sledder trekked on, seeking another flash of glory.

"It's like pretending you're superman," explained Bertsch's friend Matt Hoffman.

"It's the best way to have a day off from school," added his mom, Natalie Hoffman.

It was a fun day off from work for the adults, who also took runs down the hill.
The sleds changed--some even used snowboards--but each run was fast, speaking from personal experience.

Without a clue where the sled would go, not knowing when I'd slow down, there was just one thing to do: scream.

A day sledding will always be a way to feed imagination and keep us smiling wide all day.
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