4 Star Chicagoan helps feed Englewood homeless

CHICAGO -- This week's 4-Star-Chicagoan is a single 27-year-old mother of two from Englewood. Aleta Clark was moved to make a difference in the community after the killing of Tyshawn Lee. Aleta began protesting, but saw that was ineffective. As a results, she began taking community members to get their IDs, find jobs, get haircuts, get their GEDs, bought guns off the street, and raised clothes and toys for kids.

Aleta created Hugs No Slugs to raise money from t-shirt sales in order to help fight crime and poverty in Englewood.

Aleta picked up her brother from jail one day and saw 25 homeless people sleeping at the police station. She began feeding them and continued to do so for 76 consecutive days. Now, Aleta is referring to this movement as "To Be Continued" so those that want help need to actively come to her for help.

She has a youth football camp in the works for this summer.

More on Hugs No Slugs here: facebook.com/Hugsnoslugs
Donate to Aleta's organization here: gofundme.com/2n5ghhp8 null