Woman stabbed, shot by fiance shares story to help find abuser

CHICAGO (WLS) -- On May 7, 27-year-old Penny Brown was shot three times and stabbed several more. Police are now looking for her fiance, Desmond Brown Senior.

Not only does Penny Brown want her fiance to turn himself in, but she wants to send a message to other victims of domestic violence to speak up if abused.

Penny Brown knows it's a miracle she is alive. Ten days ago, she said her fiancé tried to kill her.

"Being shot and seeing somebody with a gun in your face, I got shot in my head. And by the grace of God I was able to get up and run," Penny Brown said.

She wasn't just shot in the head, but a second bullet hit her stomach and a third in her side.

The shooting took place inside the hallway of a South Side apartment building. She said while she tried to get away, her fiance caught up with her.

"He goes into the kitchen area, grabbed a knife and started stabbing me," she said.

She was stabbed several times in the chest, but survived. Her fiance took off in her car and hasn't been seen since.

Police have an arrest warrant out for the 37-year-old and Penny Brown is sharing her story not only to urge Desmond Brown to turn himself in but to warn other victims of domestic violence.

"My advice to women is speak up, leave, don't tolerate it," she said.

She said she wished she followed her own advice. Four days after she gave birth to Desmond Brown's baby girl in April, penny said he threatened her with a gun. She filed charges, but dropped them after he spent two weeks in jail.

"I had friends telling me to pursue charges, don't let him out he needs to learn, but I'm thinking about my family, he has a baby, he needs to be home with us," she said.

A few days later, she became a victim again. This time, she is determined to seek justice for herself and all victims of domestic violence.

"It goes unnoticed and it's not okay. I almost lost my life, it could be somebody else going through the same thing," she said.

With Desmond Brown still at large, Penny Brown said law enforcement told her it would be risky to go public, but she is determined to find him and seek justice.

She also hopes her story will encourage other women to leave abusive relationships.
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