4 Star Chicagoan: Female rapper Lizzie G

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Monday, September 11, 2017
4-Star Chicagoan: Lizzie G
4-Star Chicagoan: Lizzie G

This week's 4 Star Chicagoan is using music as a way to inspire kids to stay in school while still pursuing their dreams.

Lizzie G is an educated, female rapper who works with Chicago Public Schools to inspire the youth through positive music. Her work increases student attendance and engagement in school while strengthening habits of persistence. The ultimate goal is to help every student achieve their maximum potential both academically and artistically. The role she plays as an emcee, mentor and entertainer stimulates innovation, creativity and critical thinking to increase civic engagement in students for our world today.

Lizzie G Entertainment offers live performances, mentoring, workshops, in-school programs and after-school programs. One of the most popular programs schools choose is the No Bully Zone lesson.

More on Lizzie G Entertainment: https://lizziegmusic.com/