This drink contains 37 superfoods

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Nurish has 37 superfoods in one drink
Looking to boost your health? Nurish gives you 37 superfoods in one drink.

We all need to do what we can right now to be as healthy as possible. That includes getting in your daily serving of fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep and keeping that immune system in tip-top shape. Nurish co-founder Franco Romero talks about how his 37 Superfoods+ blend can make it happen.

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-Equal To 25 Servings of Raw Fruits and Vegetables

-Powerful Alkalizing & Detox Blend

-Daily Amount of Enzymes & Probiotics

Nutrition plays an enormous role in our health. But since it's difficult and expensive to consume all the good foods we need - at the volume required - people are turning to superfoods. 37 Superfoods+ contains 70% super greens and veggies with 30% super fruits.

They also added fiber, probiotics, enzymes and a gluten-free 5 grain blend with each 30 serving canister. Plus they freeze dry their superfood. It's more expensive to dry it this way but it means 37 Superfoods+ delivers more vital nutrients.

Now Available in 4 Delicious Flavors

Pink Lemonade: The gentle tang of lemons make the Pink Lemonade 37 Superfoods+ perfect for any age group but a favorite among kids.

Passion Fruit: Enjoy the tangy tropical flavor of pineapple, mango, and citrus while imagining yourself on a beautiful deserted island.

Strawberry Kiwi: The tangy taste of kiwi and the sweetness of strawberries pair together to create this tropical mix.

Apple Cherry Vanilla: With a mashup of succulent cherries, tart apples and a hint of fragrant vanilla, their original version of 37 Superfoods+ is still their biggest seller.


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