Chicago weather: Heat wave continues Tuesday with highs in mid-90s

Doctors stress importance of staying hydrated, cool as extreme heat puts AC units to the test

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Doctors stress importance of staying hydrated, cool in extreme heat
Be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion including feeling lethargic, dizzy or extra thirsty. Ignoring these signs could lead to heat stroke.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's another hot day across the Chicago area with highs in the mid-90s.

Highs in Chicago Tuesday will be around 90-95 degrees, with heat indices of between 95 and 100.

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These temperatures will be around for a few more days, and Chicagoans are doing what they can to beat the heat.

Just as the sun was rising, folks were already out, enjoying the warm weather.

"It's beautiful out," runner Taylor Kendziorski said. "It's a little bit toasty today, but I'm here for it. I'll take the warm over anything."

Runners got a head start to beat the heat before the afternoon.


"We did run yesterday," runner Chad Miller said. "It was hot. Ran in the morning and after work in the evening and the morning was way better so that's why we're out here this morning."

Monday, temperatures reached 97 degrees at O'Hare, beating the 1957 record of 96 degrees.

In some areas, the heat index made it feel like we topped 100 degrees.

"Today's a little bit windier so it's a little bit breezier and a little bit better today," Kendziorski said Tuesday.

Chicago firefighters battled two fires Tuesday morning, one at 82nd and Peoria streets and another house fire at 93rd Street and Constance Avenue.

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CFD said in times of extreme heat like this, they elevate their response to bring more trucks and engines, so crews can be relieved quicker. Bringing more fire personnel means groups don't have to work as long and hard in these high temperatures.

This is the kind of weather that puts air conditioning units to the test. HVAC companies have been getting lots of calls for service.

HVAC companies have been getting lots of calls for service as the Chicago heat wave continues this week.

A lot of people are buying up AC units if they do not have one already, all in an effort to keep cool.

When it's uncomfortably hot and humid outside, heading indoors can bring some relief. But that's not an option for Tim Handell. His air conditioning unit stopped working on Monday night, and the father of a 3-week-old baby had his hands full.

"It's our first baby. So new parents and two dogs. It's a lot to try to make sure everyone's safe," Handell said.

Four Seasons Heating and Cooling sent technician Sam Franke to inspect the 17-year-old unit. He said replacing a part could buy Handell a little more time, but Handell said he is thinking long term.

Franke says he has many more house calls to make, and that as soon as he saw the forecast, he knew this was going to be a busy week.

"A lot of times, people don't check them before the season starts. All of a sudden, it gets hot, and you turn them on, and something's not working," Franke said.

Clark and Devon Hardware is also busy on Tuesday. General Manager Sine Somerville says their supply of all things cool is in hot demand.

"You have to make sure that you're not running extension cords too long, make sure you have enough electricity on your breakers, and that you seal it around there, so you don't have air leaking out," Somerville said.

Alejandro Escamilla does maintenance for a building in Rogers Park, and was sent to buy three AC units and may come back for more.

If you're inside and you don't have air conditioning, you're advised to keep your shades drawn, minimize use of your oven and stove and take cool baths and showers.

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On 31st Street Beach, bikers and walkers got their steps in early.

"It's beautiful right now," walker Vickie Mosby said. "It's comfortable for me. But it's very hot."

Mosby and Rosalina Dixon said they make sure to check on friends who are elderly when it gets this hot.

"Yes, I was very concerned about the heat," Mosby said. "Especially for me."

"We tried to get an early start," Dixon said. "And we try to do a wellness check. My godmother is 99, so I try to check on her periodically. But today is a great day to walk. We still feel the wind. It's not too hot, but at least it's comfortable. It's very scenic and it's just very therapeutic to me."

If you are headed to the beaches, pay attention to the swim signs. If the lake conditions are dangerous, they will put up the no swim flags.

"We've had five jump in today, which is when a lifeguard has to jump in to help someone who's struggling," lifeguard Callie Walsh said. "This is just the first day of what's gonna be a hard week."

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Fountains and the lakefront were also popular on Tuesday, but some don't have the option to be in the water.

Freelance videographer Cory Edwards needed to gather NASCAR preps, and there is only one way to do that: outside. But he says he came prepared.

"It's been hot. It's been hot, definitely." Edwards said. "My backpack is heavy right now I've got lots of water in there."

While swimming is a good way to cool off in the heat, doctors say those who have to be outside and cannot jump in a pool need to be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion including feeling lethargic, dizzy or extra thirsty. Ignoring these signs could lead to heat stroke.

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Emergency Medicine Dr. Oyinkansola Okubanjo with Advocate Health Care said they are preparing for those with heat-related illness, and urged caution especially those who have to be outside.

"The best thing you can drink is water, so make sure you are drinking water around the clock," Okubanjo said. "Spray your skin with some water, putting on a wet shirt, letting it dry out and wetting it again, and continue back at work Take as much breaks as possible if you can."

Moe Daoud owns two ice cream trucks, but on Tuesday, he's working reduced as there are fewer customers, and the inside of his truck gets very hot.

"Outside will be even nicer than being inside the truck. You just have to keep drinking water, juice, whatever to calm your body temperature," Daoud said.

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