'Windy City Weekend' celebrates Pride Month with Chicago Sugar Daddy bakery, Strong Hands Gym

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Friday, June 21, 2024
Cody LaGrow joins 'Windy City Weekend' to celebrate Pride Month
Cody LaGrow and Val are celebrating Pride Month.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- This week on "Windy City Weekend," special guest co-host Cody LaGrow helped celebrate Pride Month.

He and Val chat with comedian Kevin James Thorton for Host Chat.

You can catch more of Kevin this weekend at Zanies in Chicago.

Find tickets at chicago.zanies.com.

And next Sunday is Chicago's 53rd annual Pride Parade. The day of festivities will be hosted by Hosea Sanders, Tanja Babich and guest co-hosts Cody LaGrow and Kim Hunt, with Jason Knowles covering the action from the street.

Tune in Sunday, June 30 at 11 a.m. on ABC 7 Chicago and wherever you stream.

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Chicago Sugar Daddy Patisserie

The Chicago Sugar Daddy bakery has community impact.

If you're looking for something sweet, then you need to go to Chicago Sugar Daddy.

Chicago Sugar Daddy is a Chicago-based bakery owned by James Cox and Rayan Ibasco.

The pair opened the store amidst the pandemic, and bake all sorts of sweet treats: Many have fun names like the "Yes Daddy," the "DePaul," the "Salty Ex" and many more.

Val and Cody sat down with Rayan and James to talk about the community impact of the bakery.

Roeper's Reviews: Spend or Save?

Here's what to spend your money on this weekend.

'The Bikeriders' - SPEND

Austin Butler and Tom Hardy star in a film inspired by a real-life Chicago motorcycle club from the 1960s.

'Black Barbie' - SPEND

"Black Barbie" is a new Netflix documentary about the history of Black dolls, including the introduction of Black Barbie in 1980.

'Thelma' - SPEND

At the age of 94, legendary character actress June Squibb has her first leading role, as a woman who is scammed by phishers but is determined to get her money back.

'America's Sweethearts' - SPEND

Documentary series about the intense competition to make the most iconic professional cheerleading team in pro sports, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

Strong Hands Gym

Strong Hands Gym is the first queer workout facility in Chicago.

After sweet desserts and movies, Val and Cody said they needed a quick workout with boxer and personal trainer Diego Cevallos-Garzon.

Diego, an openly gay man, owns Strong Hands Gym, the city's first queer gym. He began boxing as a child to prove his masculinity to his family. But, after many years, he reclaimed the sport and his true identity.

He opened up to Val and Cody about the need for a queer gym in the community, and the positive impact it's had. And he even shows Val and Cody a boxing move or two!