Pour Moi Skincare helps your skin survive harsh winter weather

Windy City LIVE
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Pour Moi Skincare helps your skin weather the harsh winter weather
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Achieving younger looking skin has more to do with where you live than your skin type.

This segment is produced with and sponsored by Pour Moi Skincare.

Want younger looking skin? It's all about your zip code - not your skin type! The latest innovation in skin care comes from Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skincare! Ulli Haslacher, the founder & CEO of Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skincare, chats with Val about how climate really affects your skin and how her new system will help our skin. For Chicago, especially in the fall and winter months we experience a "Polar Coaster" - going from moderate to cold weather within days. Their system helps keep your skin looking and feeling great!

They also have a special offer for all our Chicago viewers. Head to Pour Moi's website to get their Climate-Smart Polar Coaster Rescue Kit. It's a $176 value - all for $88!!!! And you can get their Smart Mask to help keep your skin beautiful - a $19 value, for only $15. No code is needed - just click where it says "Pour Moi's website" to take advantage of the special pricing.

Call 909-243-1456 for more info.