Family demands charges for teens in deadly Robbins crash involving stolen car after victim's funeral

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Saturday, February 25, 2023
Family demands charges in deadly Robbins crash after victim's funeral
The family of Donald Carter Sr. gathered after his funeral to demand charges be filed against 3 teenagers for his death in a Robbins car crash.

ROBBINS, Ill. (WLS) -- Nearly two weeks after a suburban grandfather was killed when a stolen vehicle slammed into his car in south suburban Robbin, his grieving family is speaking out and demanding justice.

The family of 70-year-old Donald Carter Sr. gathered Friday night after his funeral to call for charges against three teenagers who were released from custody.

Robbins police say three 13-year-old boys were in a stolen Kia that slammed into Carter's car as he was pulling out of his apartment complex on the way to watch the Super Bowl.

"I'm angry. This was my last brother," said Denise Kimble, sister, fighting back her emotions. "And he did not deserve this."

Mourners gathered for Carter's funeral in Country Club Hills 12 days after the retired auto mechanic was killed.

The mayor and police chief of Robbins expressed frustration that they had to release the three juvenile suspects to their parents. By state statute, they said they can only hold juveniles for 24 hours unless prosecutors can bring charges in that time.

"A lot of people don't understand that the police department, we don't make the laws, we can only enforce what Springfield hands down to us," Robbins Police Chief David Sheppard said. "So if Springfield says, hey, in 24 hours, you have to return them to their parents, we have to return them."

The Cook County State's Attorney's Office told ABC7 Friday it is still reviewing the case.

"Whether it's the village or the state's attorney's office, arrest these young men and bring charges and stop passing the buck!" demanded Tracy Olawumi, victim's niece.

Carter is survived by six children and 20 grandchildren. Lingering questions remain about his death.

"We're not going to stop keeping this in the media, keeping it on the forefront. I know this community will never forget about it," said his son Desmond Carter.

Earlier this week, the family filed a lawsuit against the village of Robbins, alleging the crash was in part the result of a police pursuit. A village spokesperson and the police chief deny there was any chase