CPD increases patrols at Senn High School after nearby shooting leaves 1 student dead, 2 wounded

Student killed ID'd as Daveon Gibson

Friday, February 2, 2024
Vigil held for Senn High School students shot
A vigil was held Thursday for the victims of the shooting near Senn High School Wednesday night.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Students returned to class with heavy hearts in Edgewater after three Senn High School students were shot shortly after class let out Wednesday.

One of those students died. The other two victims, ages 15 and 16 years old, are hospitalized, one remains in critical condition and the other has been stabilized.

Thursday morning extra police patrolled the North Side school.

"My gosh I can't believe it, you know," longtime resident Dalia Vicens said. "I feel so bad for the parents of these kids."

As three teenaged boys were shot a few blocks from the school after dismissal and as promised, Chicago's police superintendent ordered more police squads to circle Senn High School.

One of the students identified by the medical examiner as 16-year-old Daveon Gibson was killed.

"He's someone you wanted to know, someone you wanted to be friends with," said sophomore Jones Swetman at a Thursday night vigil. "He was the nicest kid. No matter what you said, who you were - he was kind to everyone."

Peg Dubin's daughter-in-law heard the gunshots and ran out of her home to the injured teens, rushing to Gibson's aid.

"As this child was dying, she held him in her arms until he died and she will never same again," Dubin said.

Parents at student drop off where noticeably concerned.

"I'm super concerned," parent Nicole Erazo said. "I work at Swift, that's a couple blocks down from here. When we got the phone call we had a lockdown we couldn't let anyone leave our building...my nephews my nieces come here my kids met up with their cousins here after school."

Counselors are also on hand inside of school to help those students with the grief.

"She doesn't know any of the students, so I think that's she's less affected than other students but she's still a little nervous about coming to school today," parent Adam Whipple said.

Some students stayed home altogether as a memorial begins to build near the shooting scene in the 1200-block of West Thorndale Avenue.

It's the second shooting in just the last week involving teenaged students targeted at school. Last Friday, two students were shot and killed in the loop leaving Innovations High School.

Speaking during a community violence intervention event on the South Side, Mayor Brandon Johnson said he's working with law enforcement to try and keep students safe during transition times at school.

Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth, the 48th Ward Alderwoman, also talked ensuring safety in the area.

Chicago police said no one is in custody as the investigation continues. Police also believe it was a targeted shooting.