'Shop Your Closet' with Drew Harris

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017
'Shop your closet' with Drew Harris
Drew Harris helped WCL viewer Monique Schoettmer "shop her closet."

Do you stand at your closet stuffed with clothes and think "I have nothing to wear"?

You are not alone.

Instead of going out and buying even more stuff, there is a way to lighten the load and find all new looks - without spending a penny!

Drew Harris spent much of his career in high-end retail and he knows his way around clothes.

After years of helping his friends pull together fabulous looks right in Chicago, he decided to start a business -- ShopYourClosets.com.

Harris now helps people declutter, organize and get a fresh look at what they already have.

We followed him on a client visit. And WCL fan Monique Schoettmer saw exactly how he does it. We also brought in several different looks - all straight from her closet.