Surveillance video captures thieves targeting Gold Coast Exotic Motors dealership

Suspects used hammer to break display case

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Sunday, December 12, 2021
Surveillance video catches thieves stealing millions in jewely at Gold Coast dealership
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Surveillance video captures a pair of thieves stealing millions of dollars worth of jewelry from the Gold Coast Exotic Motors dealearship Saturday.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago police are investigating a smash-and-grab robbery at the Gold Coast Exotic Motors dealership.

Officers were called to the 800 block of N. Rush at around 12:11 p.m. Saturday, police said.

"We're here to run a legitimate business, not be a western shootout," said Joe Perillo, co-owner, Gold Coast Exotic Motor Cars.

Shattered glass and empty displays are all that were left after a crime that took mere seconds, ended with millions of dollars worth of jewelry in the hands of thieves.

"30 seconds in, they know, the criminals know," Perillo said.

"We ran after them on Chestnut, all the way to State Street, and then they split up," said Joe Abbas, co-owner, Gold Coast Exotic Motor Cars.

Security video shows two men walking inside the dealership just off the Mag Mile around noon Saturday.

One man can be seen standing guard at the door while the other one uses a hammer to smash open the cases.

The video, stops short of the men running out with what employees say were at least seven luxury watches, and multiple staff members giving chase.

Employees, unable to nab the crooks as their concerns were quickly replaced with frustration.

"I have little kids. I don't want to get shot here," said Abbas.

"If they get arrested, they get let go. So, how do you intend to ever solve that problem?" asked Perillo.

This recent luxury heist, coming while Chicago Police, this weekend, have ramped up its presence throughout the downtown area in response to unruly crowds last week and a rise in thefts at high-end stores.

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But, despite a stiff warning from the city's top cop, retailers are left upset saying city leaders need to do more to keep their stores and its customers safe.

"If you come downtown or anywhere else to engage in disorderly conduct or other crimes, you will be arrested," said CPD Supt. David Brown on Friday.

"If they don't do anything about this, they're going to lose a lot of businesses. They lost Macy's. They're losing Neiman Marcus. They may lose this store," Perillo said.