Chance the Rapper talks future, potential Chicago events

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chance the Rapper is one of the most innovative and influential game changers in hip-hop today, so much so that he is inspiring change and activism.

But if his parents had their way, he would have had a career in politics. While he's not an elected official, he is using his voice to impact the world starting in his own back yard.

It is a Southside tradition that celebrates education and children, two things that are close to the rapper's heart. This year, the three-time, Grammy-award-winning superstar from the Chatham neighborhood will serve as its grand marshal.

"I am the grand marshal for the Bud Biliken parade. I grew up going to the Bud every year and will be putting my own touch on a lot of it. I have a nice position this year and will be putting my own touch on a lot of it," said Chance.

That confident and creative approach has been the mainstay to his success and it's a familiar tune chance often raps about in his hit songs. But it is his commitment to giving back and paying it forward that fuel his drive. He is planning to use his platform for future projects that will make a difference.

"There is also a father-son barbecue that we're planning. Social Works is working in collaboration with the DuSable Museum," said Chance. "I don't want to get too specific, because I like the element of surprise, but there are some positive stabilizing events that we are working on, specifically for the city and for the South and West sides."

Cheryl Burton:" Are you branching out? Writing movies? Plays? What do you want to do?"

Chance: "What do I want to do? I said this before, I want to buy a property that I can use as a theater and put on a show that's kind of like the opposite of a circus. Creating a big show and trying to travel with it. I'd rather have like a an attraction, like the world's biggest ball of yarn, where people come to Chicago and get to experience Chicago and come to my place to see the piece that I put together. Yeah, I like film and I like and acting a whole but yeah but I don't know it could be anything.

Cheryl: "Anybody you want to work with in the future?"

Chance: "Yeah, I could think of a lot of people. There's Stevie Wonder, Joanie Mitchell... I'm trying to think of people I'm fans of, Maxwell. I've always wanted to work with Marvin Sapp. It comes to me in pieces... Jimmy Jam."

Cheryl: "Last question, your legacy, what do you want to leave as a legacy?"

Chance: "If I do have an end goal, my end goal would be to show everyone how much power they have individually."

Chance and his father, Ken Bennett, are both board members at the DuSable Museum.

Chance is also working with former President Obama on his foundation and the My Brother's Keeper Initiative.

On Saturday, Chance the Rapper and Cheryl Burton will be in the Chatham neighborhood, where we both grew up, at a celebration for the Bud Billiken Day parade and a screening of Disney movies. The event is open to the public. null
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