Illinois AARP strives to support LGBTQ seniors

The LGBTQ population needs our attention now more than ever. More than 3 million older LGBTQ adults are living in the U.S. and that number is expected to hit 7 million by 2030. One of the groups working to protect them is AARP Illinois. WCL spoke to Terri Worman, Associate State Director for AARP Illinois.

Terri addresses why many older LGBTQ adults need our help right now. Many older LGBTQ adults worry they won't have adequate family or social support systems as they grow older. An AARP 2018 survey showed 76 percent of LGBT adults 45+ are concerned about having care as they age. They also face discrimination. 34 percent of LGBTQ adults are concerned they will have to go back in the closet to have access to suitable housing.

Here's how to help: AARP recommends creating LGBTQ-affirming spaces and striving to better understand LGBTQ older adults individually. LGBTQ older adults want to be strong advocates for themselves and their loved ones. LGBTQ older adults also want to be visible and connected to the community.

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This segment produced with and sponsored by AARP Illinois.