Val and Ryan talk Thanksgiving turkey, holiday recipes, Will Smith, Williams sisters

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Friday, November 19, 2021
Windy City Weekend: Host chat
Val and Ryan talk about Thanksgiving, Will Smith and Serena and Venus Williams' thoughts on King Richard.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- This week on Windy City Weekend we talk about Thanksgiving being just one week away and the record breaking number of Americans celebrating this year! Plus, Venus and Serena praise King Richard! Learn more about the story behind the new movie starring Will Smith, based on the Williams' sisters' father, "King Richard".

Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skincare

Val talks to Pour Moi Skincare Founder and CEO, Ulli Haslacher, about debunking the myth that chocolate impacts your skin care.

The holidays are just around the corner! For many this means an overload of chocolate intake. Val talks to Pour Moi Skincare Founder and CEO, Ulli Haslacher, about debunking the myth that chocolate impacts your skin care and how to take care of your skin in Chicago's winter weather. Haslacher shares climate-smart products that are great holiday gifts and has a special offer for our viewers; including a five-piece gift set and stocking stuffer day creams.

For more information, visit their website or call (909) 243-1456.

You can also follow them on social media for more on their products and updates.

Instagram: @pourmoiskincare

Facebook: @pourmoiskincare

In the Kitchen with Alessi

Val and Ryan get expert tips on how to make a classic Italian dish.

Our home chef, Lisa Stevenson, brings a taste of Italy to Windy City Weekend! Stevenson is an accountant based in northwest Indiana with a passion for cooking. Her and her step-sister, Laura, trade recipes and search the web for new dishes to create. We sent Lisa to the Cermak Fresh Market to pick up ingredients for the classic Italian dish, chicken fettucine alfredo.


-2 lbs of skinless chicken breast

-12 oz Fettuccine

-One White Onion

-1 lb Alessi White mushrooms

-3 large fresh garlic cloves

-Alessi Sea Salt and Pepper

-Italian Seasoning

-Alessi Garlic Breadsticks

-Alessi Extra Virgin Olive Oil


-Fresh Parsley

-Half and Half


-Place Alessi extra lite olive in pan, let it get hot, then sauté chicken until cooked through-set it aside

-In the same pan, add more Alessi olive oil and tablespoon of butter, add onions and sauté until soft/brown

-Add sliced white mushrooms to pan, stir occasionally and until mushrooms are slightly browned

-Add , minced fresh garlic to pan and stir

-Add 3 cups of half and half and let boil for 10 minutes on medium heat, stir until its slightly starts to thicken

-Add cooked chicken to pan

-Add cup of fresh chopped parsley

-Add 1 teaspoon of Alessi sea salt teaspoon of pepper, use seas salt according to taste

-Add cooked fettuccine and stir everything together

-Cover with a lid and let sauce coats the pasta for about 10 minutes

Talkin' Turkeys at one of the last independent turkey farms in the country

Val and Ryan visit a turkey farm to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Farmer, Robert Kauffman, talked turkeys with Val and Ryan! That's because he is the owner of one of the last independent family owned and operated turkey farms in the entire country!

The turkey business is all in the family. Howard Kauffman started his first flock of turkeys in 1933. The special HoKa Turkeys are raised on this farm. The name, taken from the first two initials of Robert's father first and last name, Howard Kaufman -- HoKa. When asked if he was pressured into going to the family business, Robert explained that his father advised him against it but he didn't listen. "My form of rebellion," Robert answered wryly.

When asked if he names his turkeys, Robert said, "That's Tom, That's Tom and That's Tom!"

Robert explained to Ryan and Val why the price of turkey has increased substantially this year and how the HoKa Farm prioritizes treating their turkeys humanely.

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, the farm has approximately 60,000 turkeys before dressing the large birds. "Dressed", being a polite way of saying the turkeys are ready to be the guest of honor at a Thanksgiving feast, as Robert likes to say.

You can buy a HoKa turkey at the store on the farm in Waterman, Illinois, or at independent grocers throughout Chicagoland.