Spatchcock, deep-frying, Turducken: 5 alternative ways to prepare Thanksgiving turkey

Whether you are frying it, roasting it, or stuffing it with other birds, each recipe is unique and delicious.

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7 delicious ways to cook a turkey
Try a new technique with one of these flavorsome methods for cooking your Thanksgiving Turkey.

If you're looking to experiment with a different method of cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, we've got you covered.

Whether you are frying it, roasting it, or stuffing it with other birds, each recipe is unique and delicious. Check out these five delicious ways to cook a turkey that are truly amazing and different!


If the weather outside is conducive, cooking a turkey on a covered charcoal grill is a great idea; it gives the turkey a delightful smoky flavor. Using an outdoor grill also frees up the kitchen for other dinner preparations, and it cuts down considerably on cleanup. Here's an easy recipe for a first-timer.


Deep frying a turkey is a very fast method of cooking that is gaining in popularity. The turkey comes out very moist and tasty with dark, crispy skin. However, proper precautions must be taken before taking on the task. Make sure you have a turkey fryer, thaw the turkey completely and fry it outside. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with your deep-fryer. Check out these tips on how to get the best - and safest- fry.


Also referred to as "butterflied" turkey, this method involves cutting the turkey down the back, removing the backbone, and letting it lie flat. This allows for even cooking on all parts of the bird and the crispiest skin. You can then roast, grill or smoke the turkey to perfection. Here's an easy Spatchcock recipe video if it's your first time trying this method.


Rotisserie roasting may be the method just for you if you're looking for a golden brown, evenly-cooked dish. Also referred to as "spit-roasting," this slow-cooking process delivers a crispy crust and no shortage of flavor. Here's how to get that golden perfection.


The idea of a Turducken -- a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey -- can make for a dramatic centerpiece. Some attribute its popularity to Louisiana chef Paul Prudhomme but, as a concept, animal-stuffed-animal roasts are common outside of the U.S. also, where "three bird roasts" are often used with goose or other meats. The classic Prudhomme recipe uses Cajun spices and select Louisiana meats.

There's also always a traditional turkey roast or turkey brine.

This story was originally published in November 2019.