Amy Landecker talks about voicing 'Ugga' on 'The Croods: Family Tree'

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Thursday, September 30, 2021
Amy Landecker talks about voicing 'Ugga' on 'The Croods: Family Tree'
Jennifer Matarese interviews Amy Landecker about voicing "Ugga" on Hulu's new series "The Croods: Family Tree."

NEW YORK -- "The Croods" are back in a new Hulu series that continues their story with "The Croods: Family Tree."

Amy Landecker voices "Ugga" the mom of the bunch.

"It's such a thrill, I loved the films," Landecker said. "I'm also the world's biggest fan of Katherine Keener who was the voice of 'Ugga' in the movies and I just feel like it's one of the greatest compliments of my acting career to take over for her for this television series."

Landecker said she could really relate to the character of "Ugga."

"I do have a lot of experience being a parent and hanging out with other families and finding out ways to compromise on parenting styles, and that part I think I tried to bring my own sense of humor and my own personality," she said.

"Family Tree" picks up the story right where the second "Croods" movie left off.

They are still learning to live together with the "Bettermans" on the most idyllic farm in prehistory.

"I think this is about finding great friendship in the middle of challenging times," Landecker said.

"The Croods: Family Tree" is streaming now on Hulu.