Chicago lifestyle expert gives ways to reboot workout routine, diet

Instead of sticking to Mediterranean or keto diet plan, think of how to add some foods back in
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Rebooting your resolutions can be easy.

Lifestyle and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour has three ways to help people get back on track with their goals.

First, Mansour said to rethink the way you look at food.

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"If you were doing a Mediterranean diet, or keto diet, think about how to add those foods back instead of removing them," she said.

Secondly, Mansour said to get five minutes of fitness activity per day. While all Americans think they need to hit the gym hard, Mansour recommends finding easy, quick exercises for the target goals and doing it for five minutes to get going.

Lastly, she said to make sure you're adding self-care to your routines to stay motivated.

"Going on a walk, using a face mask, practicing self care will help reboot your journey," she said.
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