Lurie Garden Blend Herbal Tea

January 1, 2010 6:13:27 PM PST
Bonnie Tawes from Chicago's Lurie Garden showed ABC7 how to whip up some soothing antidotes to the harsh weather.Materials:

Curling iron or clothes iron
"Press & Brew" sealable tea bags, size small (available from Monterey Bay Spice Company and Mountain Rose Herbs)
½ teaspoon measuring spoon

½ teaspoon dried peppermint herb
½ teaspoon dried Echinacea purpurea herb
½ teaspoon dried Bergamot herb
½ teaspoon dried Hyssop herb

Turn on iron of choice and let it get hot. Open the tea bag and scoop ½ teaspoon of each dried herb into the bag. Using the iron, apply heat and pressure to the unsealed side for 30 seconds. The amounts listed above yield one tea bag.

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