Separated sisters developed same passion, start wine business

CHICAGO -- Andrea McBride grew up in New Zealand with a passion for wine while her sister, Robin, grew up in California with the same passion.

However, the two had no idea the other even existed until they were brought together by their fathers dying wishes. Once the sisters met in person, they became inseparable and formed a bond over their passion.

They now have a collection of wines that brings together inspirations from their different upbringings. They show us how to make some wine cocktails great for a summer BBQ. The McBride sisters are also hosting a wine tasting event in Hyde Park on Friday, June 9th.

For more information on the wine tasting event, click here.

The entire McBride sisters collection is available at all Kroger Grocery Stores nationwide, Kimbark in Hyde Park.

For more information on The McBride Sisters Wine Collection, click here.

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