Chicago mom creates affordable fashion line at 'Lola & The Boys' online store

Chicago native Irina Ovrutsky went from model to mom - but she still loved fashion and found a void in affordable fashionable kids clothing - so she started the website "Lola & the Boys." It is named after her children, and Irina designs cute, trendy fashions for kids - and moms alike!

We talked to Irina about her business, and of course we have to see the fashion!

Here are the looks we showcased:

1. Lola
Bomb pop dress
Price: $35

Star leather patched denim jacket
Price: $52

2. Julian & Stefania

Surfer boy t-shirt
Price: $20

Starry sky Harem pants
Price: $29

London Denim Shirt (over shirt)
Price: $31

Bonjour Maxi dress
Price: $51

3. Shia & Harper

I'm a star denim jacket

Price: $52

Yum! Dino Tee
Price: $27

Unicorn dream dress
Price: $39

4. Mommy and me/Irina and Lola
Matching star girl patched dresses
Prices: $39 & $49