Obama's plane strikes parked plane at Midway

No injuries reported
January 12, 2008 4:00:40 PM PST
A late night incident involving presidential candidate Barack Obama's plane has set off a National Transportation Safety Board investigation.

The senator's aircraft clipped the wing of another plane at Midway Airport.

No one was injured in the incident. Obama and his entourage were on their way back from campaigning in Nevada.

The National Transportation Safety Board will look into this, but it is a relatively minor incident as far as airplane accidents go.

The plane is parked now. Not going anywhere anytime soon. On board at 2:30 Saturday morning: Senator Barack Obama, three staffers, secret service and flight crew. The plane was taxing to the private side of the airfield and a parking place at Atlantic Aviation. That's when the left wing of Obama's plane clipped the right wing of a parked and unoccupied Cessna turbo-prop.

The Obama campaign chartered the airplane. It's a Gulfstream-2. The plane itself was built in 1968 and is registered to Long Charter Air out of Lithonia, Georgia.

"The Las Vegas dream is the American dream for our people," said Sen. Barack Obama, (D) presidential candidate.

Senator Obama has been sprinting across the country, jetting between South Carolina and Nevada. Friday, Illinois' freshman Senator reveled in the endorsement of the 60,000 member union that represents food service workers in Las Vegas and across the state.

A spokesman for Obama says the plane incident won't ground the senator or his campaign. Obama was in Chicago Saturday having private time with his family before he flies back to Nevada Sunday -- likely on a different plane.