String of robberies in Rolling Meadows, Buffalo Grove

null The break-ins, which are allover the map, took place in Rolling Meadows and Buffalo Grove. In some cases, the residents were home at the time.

Eighteen burglaries have occurred in Buffalo Grove since November. They occurred in both the Lake and Cook county sides.

"The police knocked on our door right after the burglary and informed us that there was a burglary across the street and asked if we had seen anything or heard anything. Unfortunately we didn't. We were unable to help. But certainly we were concerned about the number of burglaries in the area," said Cmdr. Steve Husak, Buffalo Grove Police.

In those 18 cases, the residents have not been home during the burglary. Investigators are convinced the same person or persons are involved in each crime.

"The majority of these cases seem to be related in which the offender or offenders are entering the homes and forcing open a side window or rear door window and stealing small items-- small electronics, jewelry, things of that nature - and then leaving through the rear of the home," said Cmdr. Husak.

Police say the Buffalo Grove burglaries have all taken place in the afternoon or early evening. Except on Sundays. In two cases, alarms scared off the burglars, but dogs did not.

"We have had a couple of cases in which dogs were home. And in that case it didn't deter these people and they ended up locking the dog in a bathroom or another bedroom and went about their business committing the crimes," said Cmdr. Husak.

In nearby Rolling Meadows, 14 residential and garage burglaries have been reported since November. Investigators do not believe the crimes are related because in a couple of the Rolling Meadows cases residents were home at the time. In both suburbs police are beefing up patrols and residents are taking precautions.

"We started setting our alarm again. And we have a dog," said Yegelwel.

"Just this week was the first I've heard about it. So now it's becoming pretty public. And I hope they get to the bottom of it soon," said Jay Monier, resident.

Investigators are asking anyone with information to call police.

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