Style Secrets Revealed

January 29, 2008 11:04:19 AM PST
You may not look like a model, but you can borrow some models' secrets to help you look your best. Alison Deyette of shares some tips from fashion professionals. She has solutions to those embarrassing moments like: "your headlight are on" due to cold weather, chapped skin, fear of exposing your legs, new boots that have already lost their luster, cashmere that's pilling and the endless static cling of clothes and hair flyaway due to dry, crackling air. She'll even show you some must have items to keep on hand.

BODY: Cold Weather, air conditioned theaters, restaurants and offices can lead to an uncomfortable situation Alison describes as "your headlights are on." No woman likes the unwanted attention of eyes on those. So instead of lots of padding, donning an extra sweater or sticking on nipple covers there is a bra to the rescue. Bali Concealers is the first bra to address the issue of show-through head on with concealing petals built into the cup. Plus they come in three styles-underwire, wire free and minimizer, many of which range in size from 34 B-44 DD. Bali Concealers Collection, $32-34 at Macy's, Kohl's and

STYLE: No more bending over in a shirt that isn't long enough to cover your backside exposure due to low-rise jeans. Two women came up with myhip-t. A stylish add-on to tops, tanks and sweaters that doesn't mean any additional layering or bulk. Plus there are so many styles and colors to choose from you can suddenly create new outfits., $19.95

Still bending over and exposing your underwear? Don't like thongs? There is a comfortable, soft solution that was made specifically for this problem. Jeanious by Barely There panties help you slide into your jeans and bend over with no panty ride up. They have a smart V dipping design in the front and back that lays flat against the skin. Jeanious by Barely There, $9

Wouldn't it be nice to get a little skin care from your hosiery? The added bonus of wearing tights and hosiery in the winter with the addition of moisturizes means a better looking leg come Spring. Hanes Silk Reflections Leg Benefits have microcapsules embedded into the fabric. They are filled with high-grade ingredients that over time are slowly released into your skin--the light friction created when wearing the product. From moisturizing to firming to invigorating these mean softer skin and a firmer look. Hanes Silk Reflections Leg Benefits, $8.95 at Macy's

BEAUTY: Makeup: Skip the heavy foundation and go for a sheer alternative that gives you a boost of color, smooth coverage and moisturizes and offers an SPF.

  • Stila Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, $35, or Sephora
  • Sugar Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20, $28 or Sephora
  • Arcona Tinted Reozone SPF 20, $32 at
  • Have something to hide? A pesky pimple, dark circles? Never fear, Alison says. Stila Illuminating Concealer won't exacerbate fine lines and wrinkles. It's fluid, lightweight and it reflects light. Stila Illuminating Concealer, $22, or Sephora and other fine department stores

    SKINCARE: When you plan a holiday whether it's skiing or sunbathing you need protection. You've got to amp up your coverage. If everyone could only see their face under a magnifier, we'd all wish we listened to our mothers about sunscreen early. The sun is what ages us the quickest and most deviously. Wear SPF 15-50 and remember to reapply. My favorites are Le Roche Posay with Mexoryl that has been a huge hit in Europe and N.V. Perricone. It tested these on major sun trips to Costa Rica, the Caribbean and Belize and avoided the burn.

  • La Roche Posay, $28-55
  • N.V. Perricone, $45, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Sephora
  • Extra help during the drier, colder months calls for a new regimen when caring for skin. Add on a serum for extra moisturizing. You can even find a custom one for your skin type whether it is to target wrinkles, control breakouts or simply rehydrate.

  • Luzern Serum, $75,
  • Arcona Hydrating Complex, $95
  • Wash it all off with convenient cotton pads that cleanse, tone and hydrate.

  • Arcona Triad Pads, $30
  • HAIR: This is the time of year where static, hat head and split ends seems to multiply. Find time to fit in a weekly deep conditioning treatment whether it's for a few extra minutes in the shower or 30 minutes with a shower cap on in the house. Your hair will certainly be more manageable, shiny and easier to comb through.

  • Warren Tricomi Green Walnut Masque, $38 at Bed, Bath and Body Works
  • John Frieda Collection Rehydrate, $8 found at food, drug and mass retailers
  • Philip B. Deep Conditioning, $26
  • Hamadi Shea Hair Mask, $24-39,
  • Here are some must-haves to keep on hand:

  • Gal-Pal deodorant sponges immediately buffs off deodorant marks, $9.99
  • Gal-Pal everything tape secures everything from open gaps in your blouse to a fallen hem available at, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Container Store and select Nordstrom stores
  • Sweater Shaver
  • Static Guard
  • Tide to Go sticks
  • Mini lint roller
  • Makeup remover towelettes
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Place it all in a cupcake train case, $15 on or buy a readymade kit called Shemergency, $20 at filled with an array of items like earring backs, nail polish remover, clear elastics, dental floss, shoe shine wipes, deodorant wipes,