Group wants chemical out of baby bottles

February 7, 2008 2:40:27 PM PST
An environmental group wants to put a stop to the use of certain chemicals found in baby bottles.

Environment Illinois released a report Thursday that shows a hormone-disrupting chemical called "bisphenoal a" is used in six major brands of plastic baby bottles. The group says studies reveal that even in small doses the chemical can lead to obesity, diabetes and cancer, so they're calling on lawmakers to reform chemical safety policies.

"Growing children are the most sensitive to that type of toxin, and for that type of toxin to be included in baby bottle, it's a sign that our current chemical policies -- policies that are to protect us -- are simply failing," said Max Muller, Environment Illinois.

State Senator Dan Kotowski and Representative Elaine Nekritz are working on a bill targeting chemicals used in consumer products.