NIU shooter's girlfriend speaks out

February 17, 2008 8:53:24 PM PST
The girlfriend of the NIU campus killer has spoken out for the first time since the deadly shooting.The girlfriend of the gunman told CNN in an exclusive interview Sunday night that Steven Kazmierczak was not erratic or delusional. She described him as normal guy.

"He was anything but a monster. He was probably the nicest, most caring person ever," Kazmierczak's girlfriend Jessica Baty said. "They were just saying awful things about him. He was this monster. He wasn't the person that I knew?was not the one that walked into Cole Hall and did that."

Baty said Kazmierczak called her early Thursday morning to say goodbye and to tell her to not forget about him. But, she said, he gave her no indication that he was planning anything. Soon after Kazmierczak went on the shooting spree, Baty received a package that he sent to her. It contained what Baty described as a goodbye note.

"It says, 'You were the best, Jessica. You've done so much for me, and I truly do love you. You will make such a good psychologist or social worker someday. Don't forget about me. Love, Steven.' I can't believe he is gone. I can't believe that he took other people with him," said Baty.

Baty said she still loved Kazmierczak. The two had been dating on and off for two years and had been living together mostly recently.