Group follows beat of their own drums

The high-energy group hails from Chicago's South Side near 71st and Laflin. Their mission is to get music into the community.

"We've done a lot of promotions," said Jamie Poindexter, Drumline founder, "through rain, sleet, snow. And we covered a lot ground in our voices being recognized as well as our sound."

"I like being a part of Kaotic, being around Kaotic (and) everyone that's part of it is like (having) older brothers and sisters," said Carolen White, drumline member.

"Oh man, the feeling is hard to explain. You get the crowds cheering and there for you. It's like being a superstar," said Temeka Walton, drumline member.

Poindexter organized the drum line in 2000 to give kids in his West Englewood neighborhood an activity that would keep them away from negative pursuits.

"They're young kids and they're very enthusiastic and they know what they're doing. They practice, they put all they got into it," said Earl Woodson, neighborhood resident.

"It's a beautiful feeling, strapping up and it's another thing getting the kids involved. Doing something I love to save other lives, that's what it's all about," said Jason Seymour, drumline member.

"It can't really be expressed in words because there's a lot of emotion that's been involved with Kaotic," said Poindexter. "We are here to please not ourselves but the people."

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