Hot Golf Ball Massage for Dad

The closest most Dads will get to a spa, is to drop off Mom at one. But a new suburban spa offers a treatment tailor-made for dads: a heated golf-ball massage. Don't let the golf balls fool you. You don't have to be a golfer to benefit from the massage offered at the Endulge Day Spa ( in Gurnee. Whether you're dad's a pro or has never set foot on a course, he'll enjoy this special 80-minute treatment that combines heat, massage and gentle stretching.

The massage is similar to the hot-stone massage popular at many local spas. Here's how it works: The therapist warms 20 golf balls in a portable heating device, and then uses the heated golf balls and special massage techniques to knead tight muscles, alleviate tension and stiffness. Throughout the treatment, the pressure from the golf balls guided by the therapist compliments the heat action on the muscles, helping to smooth out knots and tight spots in the body.

"This massage is ideal for anyone who prefers heat treatment combines with some deep tissue work," said Samantha Byers, massage therapist at Endulge. "If you have tight, stiff muscles—whether it's from golfing or another sport, sitting at a desk for hours at a time or accumulated stress from the everyday—the warmth from the heated golf balls expands the blood vessels and increases circulation throughout the muscle tissue."

Byers cautions that men – and women-- with certain health conditions should avoid heat-application therapies. Anyone with health issues such as diabetes, pregnancy, uncontrolled hypertension, peripheral vascular disease or inflammation should consult with their medical advisor before any type of heat-application therapy.

Endulge is offering the 80-minute heated golf ball massage for $125. You can combine a massage with a pedicure for dad as well. Gift certificates are available for all spa treatments. For information, call 847-599-5100 or visit Endulge is located at 5572 Grand Avenue Gurnee, IL 60031.

Endulge is a member of iSpa, Day Spa Association, Lake County Chamber of Commerce, and the Lake County Illinois Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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