Bronzeville Children's Museum reopens after move

CHICAGO She created the Bronzeville Children's Museum to teach people about the contributions of African-Americans in America. The museum has been so successful it has now moved to a much bigger and better facility.

The brand new Bronzeville Children's Museum is now open at 93rd and Stony Island Avenue. Even though there are more than 100 children's museums in the country, it is the only one dedicated to the story of blacks and their journey from Africa to America.

"The Bronzeville Children's Museum is the first and only African American Children's museum in the country with the focus of educating all children on the contributions of African Americans and the culture of African Americans," said Peggy Montes, founder of Bronzeville Children's Museum.

This isn't about Christopher Columbus and pilgrims and pioneers. This is about how a black man named Du Sable founded Chicago. And, how descendents of slaves moved from the south to find jobs here. Also, it's about how so many people overcame adversity to end up on the wall of firsts.

"It's very important so children will know what African Americans have done here in the city of Chicago and the fact that they were the first ones," said Montes.

"There are other different museums out there but this one caters to African American history and not just to African American Children but to all children," said Bria Griffith, museum volunteer.

The museum teaches children about two great inventors- Garrett Morgan and Lewis Latimer.

"Garrett Morgan was the inventor of the traffic light and Lewis Latimer invented a long lasting filament in the light bulb that we still use today," said Peggy Montes.

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Bronzeville Children's Museum
9301 S. Stony Island Avenue

Chicago, IL 60617

773 721-9301

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